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The Los Angeles Rams select Louisville WR Tutu Atwell 57th overall of the 2021 NFL Draft

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The Los Angeles Rams had to wait once again to secure their first NFL Draft prospect. This has become an annual thing. While trading back in the draft wouldn’t have surprised anyone, the Rams actually kept their pick and drafted Louisville WR Tutu Atwell 57th overall.

If you were surprised, don’t worry, so were we. Atwell is coming to a loaded receiving corps that features Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Van Jefferson and recently added DeSean Jackson. Obviously, D-Jax is a temperoary solution. The thought process may be a Jackson successor.

In the meantime, Atwell will likely figure to be a return specialist. One thing you can definitely say about Atwell is that he’s a speed demon. If he finds the smallest seam, he’ll be scoring six points.

Atwell isn’t just about speed like similar prospects though. He’s a legitmate receiver that finds ways to create seperation. Teams will need a quick nickle-corner to contain him.

The biggest concern with Atwell is his size. Standing at 5’9″ and weighing about 155 pounds, he will need to hold on to the football with an iron grip. If Atwell had a little more muscle or size on him, he would have easily been a Day 1 prospect.

While Atwell can potentially add another dimension to the offense, the Rams will need to address the offensive line, linebackers, among other positions later in the NFL Draft. Next selection is in the third round at pick 88, considering they don’t trade the pick.

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