Rams Talk currently features four podcasts focusing on the Los Angeles Rams. Rams Talk Radio is our flagship podcast and is hosted by Derek Ciapala and Michael Stewart. Hosted by Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez, Butting Heads brings a younger perspective and fantasy analysis. Rams Uncensored features Matt Herrera, Tommy Avants, Mark Lujan and Brian Joanou. They give you their thoughts with an edge.

List of shows:

Ep. 2019:34 – Who will the L.A. Rams take in the first round? Plus P.J. Johnson: Derek Ciapala visits with Arizona defensive tackle P.J. Johnson. He also discusses the Los Angeles Rams’ possible intentions with their first round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Then Derek follows up that conversation with an examination of mock drafts from around NFL media. Finally, they cover various news and notes around the sport, including the demise of the Alliance of American Football and C.J. Anderson’s signing with the Detroit Lions. Date: 4/4/19

Butting Heads Ep. 38 – Aloha, C.J. Anderson: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez say farewell to C.J. Anderson, who is heading to the Detroit Lions on a one-year deal. They also discuss the Rams upcoming preseason game in Hawaii and the implications of having another home game taken away from fans in L.A. before diving into some draft talk. Date: 4/3/19

Ep. 2019:33 – Have the L.A. Rams taken a step back entering the NFL Draft?: Derek Ciapala and Michael Stewart discuss the state of the Los Angeles Rams as free agency dies down. They react to the free agency summary posted on Twitter by Bleacher Report National NFL lead writer Mike Tanier. Finally, the guys consider a mock draft written by the Orange County Register’s Ryan Kartje. Date: 4/1/19

Rams Uncensored Ep. 8 – L.A. Rams Draft Outlook: Tommy Avants, Brian Joanou and Matt Herrera return with a deeper look at the Los Angeles Rams’ remaining offseason plan. First, the guys break down the current state of the salary cap. Then they look at the Rams’ moves thus far and how they would like the Rams to build in the draft. Finally, they analyze the best games on the 2019 schedule. Date: 3/30/19

Ep. 2019:32 – The L.A. Rams in China plus Malik Reed: Derek Ciapala and Josh Kollack sit down with Nevada draft prospect Malik Reed to discuss his future in the NFL. The guys also address the NFL’s rule changes involving pass interference and how many fans down south are unable to let go of the Los Angeles Rams’ 26-23 win in the NFC Championship Game. Finally, Derek and Mike look at the prospects of the Rams playing in China and other stories. Date: 3/28/19

Butting Heads Ep. 37 – L.A. Rams draft prospects Ft. Trevor Sikkema: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez finally begin talking about the 2019 NFL Draft in this week’s episode of Butting Heads. They also dig into recent stories surrounding the Los Angeles Rams, including the new rule changes and the possibility of cornerback Marcus Peters getting an extension. Date: 3/27/19

Ep. 2019:31 – What now for the L.A. Rams?: Derek Ciapala and Michael Stewart begin the week with a renewed focus on the NFL draft. They address the holes that need to be filled on the roster and also whether or not the Rams are done in free agency. Finally, Mike announces some big career news, and Derek discusses the podcast logo change. Date: 3/25/19

Rams Uncensored Ep. 7 – Free Agency moves & Jared Goff in LIII: Matt Herrera, Mark Lujan, and Brian Joanou return for the newest episode of Rams Uncensored. They make up for lost time with a look at new signings Eric Weddle, Clay Matthews and Blake Bortles. Then the guys address the latest Rams’ social media drama. Date: 3/24/19

Ep. 2019:30 – L.A. Rams make moves in second wave of free agency: Derek Ciapala looks at the Los Angeles Rams’ week, including the signings of a couple key free agency moves and the impact they will make on the team’s 2019 season. He also breaks down the Rams’ upcoming decision with Malcolm Brown and how it affects the backup running back decision. Finally, Derek analyzes the announcement that the Rams will host the Dallas Cowboys in Hawaii this August. Date: 3/21/19

Butting Heads Ep. 36 – L.A. Rams sign Clay Matthews and Blake Bortles: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez are back on Butting Heads to discuss all things Rams.  First, Steve brings on WBKB11’s Michael Beiermeister to talk about the move and how Clay has played in Green Bay recently. Later, Steve and Johnny discuss what Matthews brings to the team, his potential role, and his crazy cap number. Date: 3/19/19

Ep. 2019:29 – L.A. Rams move forward without long-time veterans: Derek Ciapala and Michael Stewart look at the Los Angeles Rams’ week, including the departures of several key free agents and strength and conditioning coach Ted Rath’s criminal charges. They also break down the Rams’ backup quarterback options. Date: 3/18/2019

Ep. 2019:28 – L.A. Rams in transition Ft. Kansas State RT Dalton Risner and Vinny Bonsignore: Steve Rebeiro and Josh Kollack welcome Kansas State right tackle Dalton Risner to the show. They discuss strengths and weakness, what teams he’d be a good fit with, and his expectations of the NFL. Later, the guys look at the changes hitting the Los Angeles Rams roster with Rodger Saffold, Lamarcus Joyner, and probably Ndamukong Suh gone. Finally, they end the show with a look at the roster right now. Date: 3/15/2019

Butting Heads Ep. 35 – The L.A. Rams Lost Their Sprite: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez say farewell to the Los Angeles Rams’ longest tenured player, left guard Rodger Saffold, in this week’s edition of the Butting Heads Podcast. Date: 3/12/2019

Ep. 2019:27 – L.A. Rams begin free agency with a splash: Derek Ciapala and Michael Stewart look at the Los Angeles Rams’ free agency plans now that Eric Weddle and Dante Fowler Jr. are in the fold. They break down both signings and how they affect the salary cap. Then they pick up where they left off with the available free agents out there and where they believe the Rams will look next. Date: 3/12/2019

Ep. 2019:26 – L.A. Rams clear cap space, what’s next in free agency?: Derek Ciapala and Josh Kollack discuss the Los Angeles Rams’ big roster decision this week as free agency draws closer. They look back on the careers of linebacker Mark Barron and center John Sullivan, debate what positions the Rams should focus on this offseason, and consider some low budget options for the team. Date: 3/8/2019

Rams Uncensored Ep. 6 – Gurley’s Arthritis & Free Agency: Matt Herrera, Tommy Avants, Mark Lujan and Brian Joanou break down the issues with the Gurley arthritis story. They also look at free agency and the decision to let John Sullivan and Mark Barron go. Date: 3/8/2019

Butting Heads Ep. 34 – Bye Bye Barron, See Ya Sullivan: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez return for another episode of the Butting Heads podcast, presented by Rams Talk Radio. The guys open the show by saying goodbye to two Los Angeles Rams, who were released on Tuesday, March 5. They send their regards to linebacker Mark Barron, a five-year and one of the few remnants from the team’s days in St. Louis. They also bid adieu to veteran center John Sullivan, who helped elevate the offensive line when he arrived in 2017. Steve and Johnny discuss whether or not these were the right decisions, the impact the players made during their time in horns, and how the Rams should approach replacing them. Date: 3/6/19

Ep. 2019:25 – Did the Rams make a mistake extending RB Todd Gurley?: Derek Ciapala and Michael Stewart analyze the news surrounding the Los Angeles in the last week. They discuss Todd Gurley’s knee, Sean McVay’s Super Bowl comments, and some early discussions about pending free agents. Date: 3/4/19

Ep. 2019:24 – Rams Talk NFL Roundtable: What went wrong, what went right?: Derek Ciapala is joined by podcast hosts from across the country to review to own what they got wrong about the 2018 NFL season. Rams Talk welcomes the Rockpile Report’s Drew Gier and Chris Krueger for the Buffalo Bills, the Chicago Audible’s Brandon Hazlett for the Chicago Bears, Keep PoundDENN’s Dennis Walsh for the Carolina Panthers, and the Lightning Round’s Garrett Sisti for the Los Angeles Chargers to the show to discuss all that was with the 2018 season. Date: 3/1/19

Butting Heads Ep. 33 – Free Agent Targets for the L.A. Rams: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez prepare for free agency by diving into the available pool of players. The guys break down a number of different free agents and whether or not the Los Angeles Rams can realistically make a play at them. Date: 2/27/19

Ep. 2019:23 – Rams Talk’s 200th episode extravaganza Ft. Grant Wistrom and Dick Vermeil: Derek Ciapala, Michael Stewart and Steve Rebeiro cover this week’s news on the Los Angeles Rams. They discuss the hiring of Los Angeles Chargers’ assistant Eric Henderson and former Pro Football Focus analyst Zac Robinson to coach the defensive line and quarterbacks. Then they welcome former Rams defensive end Grant Wistrom and former head coach Dick Vermeil to the show as part of Rams Talk’s 200th episode. Date: 2/25/19

Ep. 2019:22 – Breaking down the L.A. Rams’ free agents: Rams Talk editor-in-chief Derek Ciapala and Rams Uncensored host Matt Herrera finish last week’s breakdown of the Los Angeles Rams’ 2019 free agents. Then they look at recent arguments made that the Rams should not re-sign C.J. Anderson as Todd Gurley’s backup. Date: 2/21/19

Butting Heads Ep. 32 – Final Grades for the L.A. Rams: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez are joined by RotoBaller’s Kev Mahserejian for one final look at the 2018 Los Angeles Rams season. The trio hand out final grades to some of the Rams’ most important players. Date: 2/20/19

Ep. 2019:21 – Digging deeper into the L.A. Rams’ free agency options: Derek Ciapala and Michael Stewart dig into the Los Angeles Rams’ free agent options. They begin by outlining what they believe we can assume about the team’s free agent plan this offseason. Then Derek and Mike look at whether it’s possible for Lamarcus Joyner to return next season based on his current market value and who could replace him. They mention the possibility of probably future Hall of Famer Earl Thomas joining the roster on a short deal. Date: 2/19/19

Ep. 2019:20 – The L.A. Rams’ silly season continues: Derek Ciapala and Dillon Reagan take a look at the hot takes of the week surrounding the Los Angeles Rams. They compare quarterback Jared Goff with Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. They also discuss some of the trades being proposed by some football writers out there. Date: 2/17/19

Ep. 2019:19 – The 2018 Rams Talk Awards: Derek Ciapala, Steve Rebeiro and former Los Angeles Rams defensive back Michael Stewart announce this year’s Rams Talk Awards. They discuss the Rams’ best game, most disappointing performer, and of course, the team MVP. Date: 2/15/19

Butting Heads Ep. 31 – L.A. Rams’ decision: To tag, or not to tag?: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez discuss whether or not the Los Angeles Rams should use their franchise tag this offseason. They talk about Cory Littleton’s restricted free agency, Zac Taylor’s new gig and the ill-fated task of “finding the next McVay.” Finally, they look at Malcolm Brown’s snub, Luis Perez lighting up the AAF, and the futures of Nick Foles, Antonio Brown, and Kareem Hunt. Date: 2/13/19

Ep. 2019:18 – The Los Angeles Rams enter crazy season: Derek Ciapala and Dillon Reagan look at the crazy stories surrounding the Los Angeles Rams since Super Bowl LIII. Then The Athletic’s Vinny Bonsignore gives an end of season update on the franchise as the team gets ready for free agency and the draft. Date: 2/8/19

Butting Heads Ep. 30 – Taking Inventory of the Los Angeles Rams: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez break down each position on the Los Angeles Rams roster heading into free agency, including what they should do and who will be back with the team. Did the Rams play a game on Sunday? They might also talk about that. Date: 2/6/19

Ep. 2019:17 – Super Bowl LIII Postgame Show: L.A. Rams suffer 13-3 loss to New England Patriots: Derek Ciapala and Michael Stewart break down the Los Angeles Rams’ 13-3 Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots. They will also address Todd Gurley, playcalling concerns, Jared Goff, and the problem covering Julian Edelman. Date: 2/5/19

Ep. 2019:16 – Super Bowl LIII Preview Part 3 FT. Boston Herald’s Kevin Duffy: The Rams Talk team completes its Super Bowl previews with the Boston Herald’s Kevin Duffy. Derek Ciapala and Duffy talk about how the Patriots are looking towards the end of the week and what turned around their season. They also tie up some of the loose ends from previous previews. Finally, Derek addresses the history of the Rams franchise and discusses the argument over whether or not the St. Louis years count. Date: 2/1/19

Ep. 2019:15 – Rams Talk Super Bowl Preview Roundtable Part 2: The Rams Talk team caps off their roundtable Super Bowl LIII preview between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. They focus in on the important matchups between the Rams’ defense and the Patriots’ offense and make their final predictions on the game. Date: 1/31/19

Ep. 2019:14 – Super Bowl LIII Preview Part 2 Ft. Boston Sports Journal’s Christopher Price: Derek Ciapala sits down with Boston Sports Journal Patriots writer Christopher Price to look deeper into how the New England Patriots franchise became a dynasty. They also look at the key matchups in the game and look at the similarities between the two franchises. Date: 1/30/19

Butting Heads Ep. 29- Rams Talk Super Bowl Preview Roundtable Part 1The Rams Talk team comes together to preview Super Bowl LIII between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. They focus in on the important matchups between the Rams’ offense and the Patriots defense as well as addressing anything else relevant about the game. Date: 1/29/19

Ep. 2019:13 – L.A. Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman discusses Tom Brady, plus Jim Everett visits: Derek Ciapala discusses the comments made by Los Angeles Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Then Rams all-time passing yardage leader Jim Everett joins the show to talk about the Super Bowl matchup. Date: 1/28/19

Ep. 2019:12 – Super Bowl LIII Preview Part 1 Ft. NESN and the Athletic Boston’s Matt Chatham: Derek Ciapala and Justin Robinson discuss ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter’s report on the NFC Championship Game officials. They also talk about the reaction in St. Louis to the Rams’ berth in the Super Bowl. Finally, they welcome NESN and the Athletic’s Matt Chatham. The Real Thing Patriots Podcast host breaks down the challenges the Rams will face in Super Bowl LIII. He also gives his take on the Super Bowl XXXVI. Date: 1/27/19

Rampage Radio Ep. 25 – L.A Rams on the way to the Super Bowl: The guys return from hiatus to look at the Los Angeles Rams’ huge win over the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC Championship. They also discuss the Super Bowl matchup with the New England Patriots. Date: 1/25/19

Ep. 2019:11 – The Super Bowl inches closer Ft. Vinny Bonsignore and Dennis Harrah: Derek Ciapala visits with the Athletic’s Vinny Bonsignore to wrap up the NFC Championship Game and look ahead to the Super Bowl. They discuss the impact the Los Angeles Rams are making in the market and how the team is preparing for the biggest game in the last 17 years. Then we reach into our archives to present our interview with Rams legendary offensive lineman Dennis Harrah. Listen in as he tells stories from the 1970s and relives an amazing career. Date: 1/24/19

Ep. 2019:10 – Do the L.A. Rams deserve to be in the Super Bowl?: Derek Ciapala and former Los Angeles Rams DB Michael Stewart look at the aftermath of the team’s NFC Championship Game victory. They address the missed pass interference penalty and whether or not the Saints have a point in asking for a do-over. They also discuss whether or not Jeff Fisher deserves any credit for the Rams’ success. Date: 1/23/19

Butting Heads Ep. 28 – Let’s Eat Gumbo: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez dive into the Los Angeles Rams’ victory over the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship, including Jared Goff’s performance and Todd Gurley’s lack of one, the officiating and the takes that followed. Date: 1/22/19

Ep. 2019:9 – Super Bowl Bound! L.A. Rams beat New Orleans Saints 26-23 in OT: Derek Ciapala and Norm Hightower break down the Los Angeles Rams’ 26-23 victory over the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC Championship. They look at the critical plays and analyze what made the difference for the Rams, including some interesting officiating. Date: 1/20/19

Ep. 2019:8 – Hall of Fame Finalist and Rams legend Isaac Bruce visits: Derek Ciapala sits down with 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalist and Rams legendary wide receiver Isaac Bruce to discuss his career, address some of the arguments about his candidacy, and of course, get his prediction on the NFC Championship Game. Be sure to also check out the Isaac Bruce Foundation at isaacbruce.org. Date: 1/18/19

Ep. 2019:7 – Rematch! L.A. Rams vs. New Orleans Saints NFC Championship Preview: Derek Ciapala and Norm Hightower welcome BS & Beer Saints Show host with Fox 97.7 in New Orleans David Romero to analyze the NFC Championship Game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints. They look at the matchups, the teams’ strengths and weaknesses, and all of the X-factors for the game. Finally, they predict which teams will face off in the Super Bowl. Date: 1/17/19

Butting Heads Ep. 27 – Marching to Victory: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez celebrate the Rams’ first playoff win since 2005 in style. They discuss the dominating performances from Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson, the not-so-dominating performances of Marcus Peters and Lamarcus Joyner, Sean McVay’s aggressive style, the team’s ability to contain Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, and more before giving final predictions on the NFC Championship game. Date: 1/16/19

Ep. 2019:6 – Los Angeles Rams run their way to 30-22 victory over Dallas Cowboys: Derek Ciapala breaks down the Los Angeles Rams’ 30-22 playoff victory over the Dallas Cowboys. He looks at the impact C.J. Anderson made in the game and analyzes what the Rams did to bottle up Ezekiel Elliott. Date: 1/12/19

Ep. 2019:5 – Dallas Cowboys vs. L.A. Rams Playoff Preview – Part 2:  Derek Ciapala and Steve Rebeiro welcome NFL Network field producer and Cowboys gameday reporter for SB Nation Radio Bobby Belt to discuss the Los Angeles Rams’ Divisional Playoff at home against the Dallas Cowboys this Saturday. They also look at the extensive playoff history between the two teams and grade the head coaching hires. Date: 1/11/19

Ep. 2019:4 – Dallas Cowboys vs. L.A. Rams Playoff Preview – Part 1: Derek Ciapala welcomes 105.3 FM The Fan and The Athletic DFW’s Jeff Cavanaugh for a look at this weekend’s NFC Divisional Playoff Game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams. Derek also takes a brief look at the Rams’ presser and injury report for the day. Date: 1/10/19

Ep. 2019:3 – Rams in the Family: Derek Ciapala and Norm Hightower welcome Sal Martinez and Jason Hightower to the show to take a different look at Rams and football in the family. They also take a look at the divisional playoff matchup with the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. Date: 1/9/19

Butting Heads Ep. 26 – Bye Bears, Hello Cowboys: Steve Rebeiro is joined by Derek Ciapala to discuss whether or not they’re relieved by the Bears being eliminated. They also look at the history of the Rams with a first-round bye before getting into a wide variety of topics revolving around the showdown with the Dallas Cowboys. Date: 1/8/19

Ep. 2019:2 – Rams legend Isaac Bruce named HOF Finalist, Torry Holt still waits: Derek Ciapala and Steve Rebeiro revisit the qualifications of Rams legendary wide receivers Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They also compare Bruce and Holt with other receivers of the time, as well as the other 14 finalists. Date: 1/5/19

Ep. 2019:1 – The Calm Before the Storm: Derek Ciapala welcomes USA Today Rams Wire’s Cameron DaSilva to talk anything and everything Los Angeles Rams in this playoff bye week. Derek also answers the mailbag. Date: 1/3/19

Butting Heads Ep. 25 – Regular Season Report Card: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez hand out letter grades to each L.A. Rams position group for the 2018 NFL Season. Later, they discuss CJ Anderson’s role with a returning Todd Gurley, the Wild Card Weekend matchups, and Steve delivers a special film study of every pass thrown by Sean Mannion during the 2018 season. Date: 1/3/19

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