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Five surprise roster cuts and five surprise additions

The Los Angeles Rams officially trimmed their 2019 roster to 53 players. Admittedly, the Rams did have more surprise cuts than anything. However, some of the moves might be a sign that they aren’t done adjusting quite yet.

Surprise cut: ILB Dakota Allen

Photo credit: Rick Scuteri/ AP photographer.

It’s not unusual for teams to cut seventh round rookies if the coaching staff doesn’t feel they are up to snuff. That said, Allen quickly became a fan-favorite due to his underdog story from Last Chance U. He steadily gained popularity since he did display potential in several preseason games. Add in the fact that the Rams are thin at linebacker in general, and this move is easily the biggest surprise cut.

This doesn’t mean Allen’s days in a Rams uniform are over. Expect the Rams to attempt to place him on the practice squad. Don’t be surprised if other teams are looking to claim Allen too.

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