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Los Angeles Rams 2020 free agent overview

Michael Brockers (UFA)

Chris Finch/WLBT3

Michael Brockers has been a mainstay on the Rams defensive line for eight seasons. An unsung hero of the defense who never gets the credit he deserves. Sure Brockers isn’t a flashy player, but he brings much needed stability to the Rams run defense. Brockers may not be a pass rusher but he did quietly put up 36 pressures in 2019, the highest total of his career. Where Brockers shines is against the run where he posted his second highest run defense grade ever. The defensive lineman is also a captain of the defense. Brockers will be 29 years old to start the 2020 season, so he’s past his prime but could still be valuable to a defense. Brockers likely gets a deal around 2 years/$10-14 million.

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