Most underrated quarterbacks in Rams history

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Dieter Brock

Going back to 1985, the Rams went through a plethora of quarterbacks in the early 1980s. They did try out Jeff Kemp, but he just wasn’t effective. So, the Rams resorted to a 33-year-old rookie in Brock. Brock did well in the CFL, which is what drew the interest.

The game did payoff considering he led the Rams to the playoffs after an 11-4 record. Sadly, the Rams were destroyed by the Chicago Bears in the Conference Championship game. Brock finished with 2,658 passing yards, 16 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Not bad for a rookie. It would be his only year with the Rams since they brought in Jim Everett the following year. Brock’s impact may have been short, but he is still part of the history.

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