Rams Talk currently features three podcasts focusing on the Los Angeles Rams. Rams Talk Radio is our flagship podcast and is hosted by Derek Ciapala and Norm Hightower. Hosted by Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez, Butting Heads brings a younger perspective and fantasy analysis. Brothers Justin and Jordan Robinson top off our lineup with a focus on the Rams, Easy Money, and future prospects.

List of shows:

Butting Heads Ep. 28 – Let’s Eat Gumbo: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez dive into the Los Angeles Rams’ victory over the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship, including Jared Goff’s performance and Todd Gurley’s lack of one, the officiating and the takes that followed. Date: 1/22/19

Ep. 2019:9 – Super Bowl Bound! L.A. Rams beat New Orleans Saints 26-23 in OT: Derek Ciapala and Norm Hightower break down the Los Angeles Rams’ 26-23 victory over the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC Championship. They look at the critical plays and analyze what made the difference for the Rams, including some interesting officiating. Date: 1/20/19

Ep. 2019:8 – Hall of Fame Finalist and Rams legend Isaac Bruce visits: Derek Ciapala sits down with 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalist and Rams legendary wide receiver Isaac Bruce to discuss his career, address some of the arguments about his candidacy, and of course, get his prediction on the NFC Championship Game. Be sure to also check out the Isaac Bruce Foundation at isaacbruce.org. Date: 1/18/19

Ep. 2019:7 – Rematch! L.A. Rams vs. New Orleans Saints NFC Championship Preview: Derek Ciapala and Norm Hightower welcome BS & Beer Saints Show host with Fox 97.7 in New Orleans David Romero to analyze the NFC Championship Game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints. They look at the matchups, the teams’ strengths and weaknesses, and all of the X-factors for the game. Finally, they predict which teams will face off in the Super Bowl. Date: 1/17/19

Butting Heads Ep. 27 – Marching to Victory: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez celebrate the Rams’ first playoff win since 2005 in style. They discuss the dominating performances from Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson, the not-so-dominating performances of Marcus Peters and Lamarcus Joyner, Sean McVay’s aggressive style, the team’s ability to contain Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, and more before giving final predictions on the NFC Championship game. Date: 1/16/19

Ep. 2019:6 – Los Angeles Rams run their way to 30-22 victory over Dallas Cowboys: Derek Ciapala breaks down the Los Angeles Rams’ 30-22 playoff victory over the Dallas Cowboys. He looks at the impact C.J. Anderson made in the game and analyzes what the Rams did to bottle up Ezekiel Elliott. Date: 1/12/19

Ep. 2019:5 – Dallas Cowboys vs. L.A. Rams Playoff Preview – Part 2:  Derek Ciapala and Steve Rebeiro welcome NFL Network field producer and Cowboys gameday reporter for SB Nation Radio Bobby Belt to discuss the Los Angeles Rams’ Divisional Playoff at home against the Dallas Cowboys this Saturday. They also look at the extensive playoff history between the two teams and grade the head coaching hires. Date: 1/11/19

Ep. 2019:4 – Dallas Cowboys vs. L.A. Rams Playoff Preview – Part 1: Derek Ciapala welcomes 105.3 FM The Fan and The Athletic DFW’s Jeff Cavanaugh for a look at this weekend’s NFC Divisional Playoff Game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams. Derek also takes a brief look at the Rams’ presser and injury report for the day. Date: 1/10/19

Ep. 2019:3 – Rams in the Family: Derek Ciapala and Norm Hightower welcome Sal Martinez and Jason Hightower to the show to take a different look at Rams and football in the family. They also take a look at the divisional playoff matchup with the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. Date: 1/9/19

Butting Heads Ep. 26 – Bye Bears, Hello Cowboys: Steve Rebeiro is joined by Derek Ciapala to discuss whether or not they’re relieved by the Bears being eliminated. They also look at the history of the Rams with a first-round bye before getting into a wide variety of topics revolving around the showdown with the Dallas Cowboys. Date: 1/8/19

Ep. 2019:2 – Rams legend Isaac Bruce named HOF Finalist, Torry Holt still waits: Derek Ciapala and Steve Rebeiro revisit the qualifications of Rams legendary wide receivers Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They also compare Bruce and Holt with other receivers of the time, as well as the other 14 finalists. Date: 1/5/19

Ep. 2019:1 – The Calm Before the Storm: Derek Ciapala welcomes USA Today Rams Wire’s Cameron DaSilva to talk anything and everything Los Angeles Rams in this playoff bye week. Derek also answers the mailbag. Date: 1/3/19

Butting Heads Ep. 25 – Regular Season Report Card: Steve Rebeiro and Johnny Gomez hand out letter grades to each L.A. Rams position group for the 2018 NFL Season. Later, they discuss CJ Anderson’s role with a returning Todd Gurley, the Wild Card Weekend matchups, and Steve delivers a special film study of every pass thrown by Sean Mannion during the 2018 season. Date: 1/3/19

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