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The Los Angeles Rams’ MNF victory was dedicated to SoCal

You didn’t have to attend the game to feel the intensity of the Los Angeles Rams’ historic Monday Night showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs. But for over 77,000 in attendance, they were treated to what was likely the best game they’ve ever witnessed.

The tailgates started the incredible journey of this fairy-tale Monday Night Football game. The NFL decided to move the game from Azteca Stadium in Mexico City to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. This is important because the Chiefs are a notorious traveling fan base, but if you walked around the numerous tailgate lots, there weren’t a lot of Chief tailgaters. That’s not to say they weren’t present at all, but the numbers were smaller than usual.

Unless the K.C. fans were living in California, that’s not an easy turnaround in such a short amount of time. This means peaceful tailgates and a family vibe. The diverse fan base in Los Angeles means home games sometimes feel like the Rams are on the road. Nothing but “Ramily” and delicious tailgate tacos, which is always fun.

The tragedies across California set the tone of the game. The Rams donated money, tickets and goods to the victims of the wildfires and mass shootings. These terrible tragedies affected the community and the players as well, since some of them, including Jared Goff, evacuated their homes. This was also the inspiration of the white rally towels being handed out upon entering the game that read, “L.A. Together.” As cliché as it sounds, the moments during the game when the crowd was on their feet waving the towels did seem like the entire state was together.

It was gratifying seeing first responders and firefighters honored throughout the game. The standing ovation was much more heartfelt than the halftime show entertainment of the Chainsmokers. It should be that way anyways truthfully, but that seems rare when competing with celebrity appearances.

This victory was so much more than the Rams adding another win to their record or defeating a really tough opponent; this victory was for Los Angeles, So. Cal and California in its entirety. The Rams carried the weight of California turmoil on their shoulder pads, and eased the pain slightly for this record breaking event. It may seem a little farfetched to draw high praise for such a serious situation, and while it didn’t help everyone, it helped many people in need. This was the aid some needed and that’s all that matters.

The Rams have helped the community in more ways the one, and Los Angeles returned the favor by creating a distinct home field advantage. Players like Aaron Donald felt the adrenaline and encouraged the crowd to make some noise. Best of all, the chant that seemed only fitting to hear throughout the night was “Whose House?! Rams House!” This was by far the best game I’ve ever been to, and possibly ever seen. Both from a literal standpoint and a morale viewpoint too. Vamos Rams!

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