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The Los Angeles Rams’ 2019 QB review: Jared Goff is the man, get used to it

The main person of interest for the Los Angeles Rams’ quarterbacks is obviously Jared Goff. Much of Rams Nation is split on their opinion on Goff. Regardless of how you feel, no one can deny that Goff didn’t have a good 2019 season. But just how well did he do? Let’s take a deeper look:

Jared Goff, 4-year pro, 4-year, $134 million ($110 million guaranteed)

The Los Angeles Rams secured their quarterback for the foreseeable future in Goff by signing him to a 4-year, $134 million contract. This came after Goff had the best year of his career and led the Rams to Super Bowl XLIII. The Rams demonstrated their confidence in Goff by signing him before the 2019 season began. After a down year, many are questioning whether it was a good idea to sign Goff to an extension so soon.

Let’s take a look at the stats: 394 completions, 626 attempts, 4,638 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, 16 interceptions and a QBR of 48.2. Goff tied with Jameis Winston for most attempts in the league. second in completions and third in passing yards. Sounds like solid stats until you consider other stats and other factors.

Goff was 16th in the league in passing touchdowns, fourth in total interceptions, 24th in QBR and was one of the least sacked quarterbacks in the league. In other words, stats can be deceptive.

The reason Goff was among the top three in passing yards is because of the ridiculous amount of pass attempts. All of this considered, Goff should have more passing touchdowns. The glaring stat though is the alarming amount of interceptions. While some interceptions are unavoidable, many of Goff’s interceptions were due to careless mistakes and old habits.

Moving forward, Goff is locked in as the Rams’ starting quarterback. It’s pointless for anyone to suggest dropping or potentially trading Goff. While Goff had his share of mistakes, it wasn’t completely his fault. Some of the blame goes to playcalling, ground game inefficiency and offensive line woes.

It’s easy to judge based on retrospect. Personally, I still believe signing Goff was the right call. Love or hate him, he is still a talented quarterback. Risking losing Goff without a guarantee if the Rams can land a top free agent isn’t a gamble worth taking. Drafting a QB is a bigger gamble especially since the Rams can’t seem to hold on to draft picks. In other words, signing Goff was the logical choice. They could have signed him a little later, but it’s over now.

Blake Bortles, 6-year pro, Free Agent

Not a ton to report about since Bortles held a clipboard for most of the season. That said, Bortles is a competent backup to have for Goff. The Rams got him for a bargain, only paying $1 million for the season while the Jacksonville Jaguars paid $5.5 million.

While the Rams’ cap space situation is greatly exaggerated, they still can’t afford to bring back Bortles for $6.5 million. This will greatly depend on the demand for him during free agency. If a team is targeting Bortles for a starting role, his price tag will increase. But it would be a good idea to bring back Bortles within reason. Hopefully for a slightly discount $3-4 million/year.

John Wolford, 2-year pro, ERFA

Wolford spent most of the 2019 season on the practice squad. Wolford initially made a name for himself playing in the AAF. The Rams picked him up to compete in the preseason. Both Wolford and Brandon Allen impressed during the preseason, but the Rams were only able to keep Wolford. Allen signed to the Denver Broncos’ active roster.

The Rams only ran two quarterbacks on their active roster, which is why Wolford remained on the practice squad. Expect the Rams to hold on to Wolford, especially if they can’t bring back Bortles.

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