‘Ramilies’ unite at RAMFEST 2017

The third annual RAMFEST was held at Prado Park in Chino, California on Saturday, July 15. Despite the event being a little on the smaller scale, and the promotion somewhat limited, approximately 3,000 Rams fans came together to form one giant “Ramily.”

The vibes of this year’s RAMFEST was familiar; it was the same vibes as at the tailgates this past season, at last year’s RAMFEST or any other So Cal Rams Booster Club event, and that is the sense of Ramily. To avoid sounding too “cheesy” or “corny,” I’ve been to gatherings involving other local professional teams such as the Lakers or the Dodgers, and families are more isolated and don’t share the same sense of brother/sisterhood.

To provide a better perspective, when my group first arrived to the event, we were greeted by friendly faces that joked with us until we found our destination. It wasn’t the only occurrence either, I often walk around by myself to cover the event more in-depth, but to my pleasant surprise, I was hardly alone. Other groups would pull me into their groups to offer me irresistible tailgate food or a refreshing “cold one.” Yes, I am ready for the season. Are you? Take a look at a few photos from around the event below:

The Los Angeles Rams organization sent current members of the cheer squad and the unforgettable Rampage.


It was only a matter of time that the Rams would come to RAMFEST in an official capacity.


Cars should come with this option, perhaps with a different model?


Training day for future Rams players!


Live music provided throughout the event by Jonny U & DJ Super Mario.


Tons of giveaways provided by So Cal Rams Booster Club!


Not going to lie, I really wanted this bench.


There is something intoxicating about these…


I think these should be actual planes. Flying would be so much better!

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