RamFest 2019: New location a big hit with Ramilies

Anytime “Ramilies” come together, it’s always a good time. That said, the annual RamFest picnic put on by the So Cal Rams Booster Club are constantly trying to make the experience better for all guests. A few changes this year truly improved the overall vibes of the picnic.

Last year, Derek Ciapala and myself attended RamFest. We did have the opportunity to interview past Ram legends and even Samson Ebukam too. Unfortunately, Derek couldn’t attend RamFest this year, but my guess is that he would likely enjoy this year better. Sucks to be him because the So Cal Booster Club not only moved the event earlier, but also changed the venue.

Now why would any of this matter? July is the hottest time of the year in Southern California and it happened to be over 105 degrees during RamFest last year. Matching that with the dried, decaying venue that is Prado Regional Park, and the sweltering conditions just took away from the overall experience. To be fair, the So Cal Rams Booster Club originally chose Prado Park before the overwhelming drought that hit the area, which dried the grass and only made the park hotter.

This year, RamFest took place on Saturday, June 22 at Guasti Regional Park in Ontario, California. The difference in  temperature is incredible. The highest temps reached was 84 degrees, which is nice weather. Best of all, Guasti Park is nice, spacious and green. There is enough shade in parts to accommodate the plethora of canopies setup by the Ramilies. The green grass and open area made it perfect to toss around the old pigskin. The demeanor of the guests were a lot more lively, and even the So Cal Booster Club crew liked this venue better.

Lots of vendors were available for plenty of Rams gear to prep for the season. There’s plenty to look forward to this upcoming season. Stopping by different Ramily camps, they were more than willing to express their excitement.

Speaking of exciting, the So Cal Rams Booster Club brought some more legends to RamFest. The headline was legendary Fearsome Foursome member, Rosey Grier. Other legends attended, including Dennis Harrah, LeRoy Irvin and Kermit Alexander. There was even an appearance of Rams 2019 NFL Draft pick, Nick Scott. Be on the lookout for a Butting Heads podcast this week for my interview with some of the legends.

If you didn’t attend RamFest this year, don’t worry, So Cal Rams Booster Club will likely host another one next year. So bring the Ramily and don’t miss out on all the fun. Think of it as an early tailgate, prepping for the future gameday tailgates.

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