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NFL: Who won Week 6 for the Los Angeles Rams?

The Los Angeles Rams beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-17 in Week 6. After a wild start to the game, the Rams settled into a 17-14 lead near the end of the first quarter and never let go. They toughed out a hard-fought win the old fashioned way: ground and pound on offense while letting the defense take care of business on the other end. While many players on the defense could be worthy this week, this week’s winner is:

Running back Todd Gurley 

Gurley was our winner in Week 2 for entirely different reasons. He dominated both on the ground and through the air, found the end zone multiple times, made some spectacular plays and proved to the NFL that he was finally back.

This week was different. Gurley didn’t have any memorable plays. His longest run was just 14 yards. He only caught one pass for four yards. Gurley never got into the end zone, and yet it was exactly what the team needed this week.

Gurley recorded 23 carries for 116 yards and a 5.0 yards-per-carry average. But he did it without a run over 15 yards. We’ve never seen this kind of a performance from Gurley. In his rookie season, he never ran for over 100 yards without having a 40-plus yard run in the game. With each of his 100-yard performances this season, his longest run of the day keeps getting smaller and smaller. Gurley is proving that he can be an elite runner not just because of his breakaway ability, but because of the fact that he’s just a damn good running back.

The old Rams lose this game every time. Former head coach Jeff Fisher found a way to lose games by employing a far too conservative gameplan and giving away the lead near the end of games. Even last season quarterback Jared Goff’s debut, the Rams got out to a quick lead only to blow it in the final seconds. Gurley’s play allowed the Rams to take some shots while keeping it conservative with a ground and pound attack. The Rams don’t even come close to winning this game without Gurley.

The Rams will be relying on Gurley once again in a battle with Arizona next week.

Steve Rebeiro is a staff writer and podcast host for Rams Talk. He graduated from Marquette University in 2016. For more of his opinions, follow him on Twitter here.

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This is a series of articles crowning a winner for the Los Angeles Rams each week of the 2017 season. For a description of what it means to “win” the week, see the first article here

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