Most underrated quarterbacks in Rams history

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Ron Jaworski

People that are familiar with Jaworski likely know of him through the Philadelphia Eagles. Believe it or not, Jaworski did have a pivotal role in Rams history. Going back to 1975, the Rams didn’t think he would even see the field as the third-string quarterback. Being behind James Harris and John Hadl, there is absolutely no way he would see any action. That is until both Harris and Hadl both went out with injuries.

Jaworski didn’t see the field until Week 13 when Harris went down with an injury. Oddly enough, this also when the Rams played against Hadl after being traded to the Green Bay Packers. Jaworski did manage to pickup the victory, and a 10-3 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 14. Jaworski led the Rams to a playoff victory over the St. Louis Cardinals, 35-23. Sadly, the Rams couldn’t overcome the Dallas Cowboys, losing 13-3 in the Conference Championship.

The following season, Jaworski lost the quarterback competition to Pat Haden. The Rams would eventually trade Jaworski to the Eagles and he did have a great career in Philadephia.

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