1990-1994 - Leaving Los Angeles

Jerome Bettis and my family: How I became a Rams fan

Sports has always been a huge part of my life. Oddly enough, I was a baseball fan first and knew nothing else during some of my youth. My father would attempt to sit me down to watch football games with him, but the interest wasn’t there. I recall him becoming a bit frustrated at times and even bought me a football to play catch with him. I would do what I was told, but I secretly wished I was throwing a baseball instead of a football.

My perspective on football immediately changed one day after watching a Los Angeles Rams game against the Atlanta Falcons in 1993. Something about this game forced me to pay attention, and that was this bigger, bulkier player that just obliterating defenders by simply using his body as a battering ram. That’s right, the “Bus” himself inspired me to not only become a fan of football but become a fan of the Rams too. It also helped that my family were bunch of Rams fans too. Sadly, Jerome Bettis didn’t stay with the Rams for too long, but there were other guys on the team that captured my interest such as linebacker Roman Phifer and wide receiver Henry Ellard.

From then on you couldn’t pull me away from football. That’s all I ever talked about and not much has changed. Even to this day some of my best memories during my youth is watching the Rams in my Grandfather’s backyard with my uncle and my dad.

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