Grading Darrell Henderson’s 70th overall selection

Analysts from around globe did have some thoughts on the Los Angeles Rams’ selection of Memphis RB Darrell Henderson. Some see the value, while others feel the pick should have went elsewhere. No matter which way you spin it, the Rams have another playmaker on the roster.

It’s completely understandable why some might feel Henderson is a wasted pick. The reality is that no one wants to accept that the Todd Gurley we know is likely done. That’s not to say that Gurley won’t be useful, but we can expect his production to be cut. Sean McVay and the Rams can try to hide his knee condition all they want, but they wouldn’t draft Henderson if they weren’t at least a little concerned.

High selection for a RB

Okay, so technically there were running backs taken before Henderson. So why do some consider Henderson’s selection too high for the Rams? Well, this is where some confusion appears. In overall value, the Rams may have a steal, but more on that later. The true argument is that the Rams are a team with a deep running back corps. Gurley is the tip of the iceberg. The Rams recently brought back Malcolm Brown on a low 2-year deal and have last year’s rookie John Kelly. Don’t forget about Justin Davis who also has potential.

Let’s keep in mind that the Rams moved up to the 70th overall pick to take Henderson. Looking back to their pre-draft visits, it’s clear they were going to take a running back. But how soon, nobody knew. It came as a bit of a shock, but everything happens for a reason.

What the Rams are receiving in Henderson

Personally, I don’t believe stats tell the whole story of a player’s a potential. However, it’s a little hard to ignore in Henderson’s case. Looking through his stats, Henderson came in as a freshman and made an impact. Gathering a total of 3,545 rushing yards, 758 receiving yards, 8.2 yards per rushing attempt, 12 yards per catch and 44 total touchdowns in just three seasons. Memphis may not face the toughest competition in a consistent basis, but that’s pure domination.

From a film perspective, Henderson is an absolute explosive runner. He keeps his feet in motion and will score if he sniffs out an open lane. The Rams are hoping Henderson’s style of running will complement Gurley as they switch off. One thing also to keep in mind is that Henderson will have to prove he is ready for the NFL. I believe he is, but McVay won’t just award him the direct backup role. He will still have to earn playing time and he is competing against some tough competition. Picture this selection as the potential for the Rams to having another top offensive weapon in their arsenal.

Overall grade

It’s important to keep things into perspective. Henderson may not  be what the Rams needed, but he does bring plenty to the table. If McVay finds a spot for him, this will be one of the best picks of the 2019 NFL Draft. Love or hate the pick, the value is undeniable. For this reason, a solid B+ grade is what the pick deserves at this time.


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