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Ep 2018:16 – Who stays with L.A. Rams? Ft. USA Today RamsWire’s Cameron DaSilva

Derek Ciapala, Steve Rebeiro, and Martin Cruz play “Stay or Go” with USA Today RamsWire’s Cameron DaSilva. They break down the Rams as free agency draws closer. Specifically, the guys spend the last part of the show looking at the case for the Rams paying big money to Aaron Donald and Lamarcus Joyner.



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  1. Gerald Reynolds

    February 22, 2018 at 3:39 am

    If you sign Aaron Donald to 20 mil a year and he blows a knee or tears a tricep the Rams are screwed. As for Watkins he has shown in his short career he is an under acheiver and I think the Rams have a kid right now in Josh Reynolds who can be that number 1 / deep threat for the Rams.

  2. Gerald Reynolds

    February 22, 2018 at 5:56 am

    I think the smart play here is to trade Aaron Donald. Yah yah, once in a life time player whoopee! Reality is reality guys! Did they make the Super Bowl with Mr. Wonderful 99? No?! He was healthy and he won DPOY yet they didn’t make the Super Bowl? Why is that?
    Why do you suppose that is? Maybe, just maybe its a team sport? Do yah think?! So, Mr. wonderful is in there doing is DPOY thing but Pharoh Cooper fumbles a few punts and the Rams go 13 points down. The offense goes 3 and out its first 3 possessions and they frankly look pathetic most of the game. But hey Aaron Donald is playing. YOU CAN’T MAKE A DT the highest played guy on the team or eat up most of your cap space. You need linebackers and you need to sign Joyner and you need to keep Trujo or get another corner and you need a deep threat at wide receiver. Keep in mind I believe Jared Goff is half way thru a 4 year deal now and you just saw what Jimmy Garopolo got paid right? Lets not forget Todd Gurley, his 5th year option is coming up. How much dough do you think he’s going to want? Did the 1999 and 2001 Rams have an Aaron Donald? NO THEY DID NOT! But they had a bunch of good players who pulled together and had a few great seasons right? If I am the Rams, I am exploring trading this guy to Cleveland right now for that top pick or for multiple picks.

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