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DT Ndamukong Suh will bring the pain for the L.A. Rams

The wait is over and the Los Angeles Rams are the winners of the Ndamukong Suh sweepstakes. He agreed to a 1-year, $14 million contract on Monday, March 26. It’s exciting news, but it doesn’t solve everything.

The Rams added a dominant defensive lineman to play alongside the league’s best defensive player Aaron Donald. They are a duo offenses will fear in 2018. Suh brings a terrifying dimension to an already intimidating defense. The insurance policies on NFC West quartebacks have now officially skyrocketed.

The addition of Suh provides more opportunities for recently added cornerback superstars in Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib. General manager Les Snead did a wonderful job in improving the secondary to potentially elite status. This star-studded defense will be entertaining and create havoc in the NFL.

This is all purely theoretical at the moment, but let’s snap back to reality. Oh wait, the reality is this defensive line is still scary as, insert your favorite expletive here. In other words, if you’re expecting this to be a negative evaluation, you won’t find it from me.

Still concerns

The Suh signing doesn’t automatically solve all of the Rams’ problems. They still must address the linebacker and possibly wide receiver positions at some point. The 2018 NFL Draft is around the corner, so we can expect those positions will be addressed at some point.

The Rams had some money to play with and few options in the “positions of need” category entering free agency. So they could have gone with a more “balanced” approach and added adequate and quality players in each category. Snead opted to load up on talent in crucial areas of the defense. Again, the positions of need will likely be addressed, but don’t expect them to bring in more big names like Suh. It’s probably safe to say that Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t coming to Los Angeles, but anything is possible with Snead.


There are potential drawbacks to the plan. Suh needs to stay healthy or this $14 million rental will be for nothing. Bringing back Dominique Easley was huge, but he suffers from injury issues. It’s good to have a backup plan in this case.

Another concern is Suh’s behavioral issues. Of course, that didn’t stop Snead from acquiring Talib. Having a mixture of personalities might be a lot for one team to handle. Still, it’s hard to be nervous with a defensive coordinator like Wade Phillips. If they can have them harness their strong personas to match their game, this defense just got scarier.

No plan is perfect, but this might be a solid approach to the offseason. If nothing else, Suh is signed to a 1-year deal, so if he doesn’t work out, it’s safe to say he will be gone to another team. Until then, bust out the tailgate food, because this is going to be an entertaining season.

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