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Bargain free agents the Los Angeles Rams should consider

Derek Watt

Orlando Ramirez/USA Today Sports

Derek Watt is the brother on J.J. and T.J. Watt. I’ve seen a lot of people want the Rams to utilize a fullback recently, myself included. The Rams even drafted one in Sam Rogers in the 2017 NFL Draft. So obviously the thought isn’t incredulous. Watt is primarily a lead blocker and he performs that role well. The Los Angeles Chargers have underutilized him as a runner and pass catcher. Despite only having 19 carries in four seasons, Watt has 11 first downs. He also has only 13 targets in the passing game in four seasons, but he has caught 11 for 13.9 yards/reception and averages 10.9 yards after the catch. Watt is also an exceptional special teams player. A 3-year deal for $7 million would be a nice addition.

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