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Are the Los Angeles Rams underrated?

Todd Gurley

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The other major headline is Todd Gurley’s knee. You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it and Todd Gurley heard it. Gurley didn’t finish the season due to injury/precautionary measures and under-performed in the Super Bowl. All of a sudden, Gurley’s stock drops dramatically. Adding fuel to the fire, an unconfirmed report about Gurley’s knee having arthritis only lowers his value even more.

I do blame the Rams and Gurley keeping his “injury” a secret. Somethings people like to keep private, but this only furthers the speculation. In reality, it doesn’t hurt him or the Rams, especially if he dominates the 2019 season. Where it truly drew more questions is the Rams’ acquisition of rookie Darrell Henderson along with bringing back Malcolm Brown. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything other than Sean McVay wants more offensive weapons.

All of a sudden, the Rams front office is foolish for giving Gurley a huge contract extension. Never mind that Gurley is the rushing touchdown leader the past two seasons or is third in rushing yards in 14 games. NFL Network’s analyst Kay Adams doesn’t even have Gurley in the top 12. Albeit she’s talking about fantasy football, but still correlates to Gurley’s overall ranking. Keep in mind that I don’t expect him to be rated as a N0. 1 running back anymore. I fully expect guys like Saquoan Barkley and Ezekiel Elliot to challenge Gurley for the top spot. Where I can’t agree is guys like Dalvin Cook, Devonta Freeman and James Conner getting the nod above Gurley. The disrespect is unreal.  Although, LaDainian Tomlinson still is showing respect to Gurley.

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