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Are the Los Angeles Rams underrated?

2019 NFC Championship

Photo credit: Heraldmailmedia.com.

Unless you don’t watch football at all, chances are,  you heard about the blatantly missed pass interference call when the Rams defeated the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship game. If you missed the game, the Saints will be more than happy to tell you themselves. Look, I’m not going to argue about the call; the refs blew it. Well, maybe they didn’t, the whistle that is. In any case, no analyst or sports fan can resist saying that the Saints would have beat the Patriots.

This game alone ruined the Rams’ season. Add in the fact that the Rams were completely dismantled by the Patriots and football fans lose faith fast. At this point, the Rams won’t be able to redeem themselves unless they beat the Saints in Los Angeles this upcoming season. Until then, continue to expect the team as a whole to be underrated.

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