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Are the Los Angeles Rams underrated?

It’s kind of puzzling for a team that made a Super Bowl appearance to be severely underrated. It isn’t just the Los Angeles Rams as a team, but individual players too. I have several theories that explains some of it, but other instances are just a mystery.

Super Bowl LIII

Photo credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images.

Let’s get this out of the way; the Rams got beat. Not sure if I can bring myself to say they were slaughtered, but the New England Patriots destroyed their high-flying offense. Jared Goff didn’t play up to his standards and neither did Todd Gurley. The result is a 13-3 loss. We get it. The Rams put on one of the most disappointing Super Bowls in NFL history. It’s hard not to agree with that.

This game is supposed to be biggest of the season and it is also the last game. So really, what are people likely to remember? Forget about the dominant team that “earned” their way to the Super Bowl. Why was the word earned in quotation marks? Well, because that segues to the next reason.

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