2019 NFL Draft Profile: OT Kaleb McGary

Let’s face it, the Los Angeles Rams were lucky that the starting offensive line stood healthy in 2018. The Rams could opt to use Joseph Noteboom and Brian Allen to fill the open guard and center spots. Even if that’s the case, depth is thin across the offensive line. A prospect like Washington’s Kaleb McGary may be a good investment during the 2019 NFL Draft.

College stats and honors: 

  • Morris Trophy Winner (2018).
  • All-PAC 12 First-Team (2017-2018).
  • Earle T. Glant Tough Husky Award winner (2017).


Simply put, McGary is huge. His 6’7″ frame and weight of 317 pounds makes him an intriguing prospect. He seems to enjoy himself on the field by forcefully blocking oppositions into the ground and doesn’t stop until the whistle is blown. Using his lengthy frame to his advantage, McGary puts power in his initial punches and overwhelms opponents.

Though McGary is aggressive, he is patient and instinctual. His patience is noticeable, especially when he successfully blocks speedier defensive linemen. He tends to surprise defenders with his patience and persistence. McGary adjusts to opponents well too. In the few games he did struggle in, he fought back. That’s rare to find in a young offensive lineman.


Describing McGary’s strengths makes him seem like a total package, but he does have one fatal flaw. His footwork is atrocious. This is problematic because NFL tackles must have great footwork. He will have to adjust to being a guard where the footwork isn’t as vital to an overall performance.

Another major concern of McGary is his medical history. The former Husky did get medically cleared to play with a heart condition known as heart arrhythmia. True, this can be spun as a good thing since he overcame a major obstacle. It’s a feel-good story, but not one scouts will be delighted to hear. Keep in mind that McGary will have to be cleared by the NFL’s medical staff. Precautions are important, but the NFL won’t be as easy to convince if it means avoiding a potential lawsuit.

Expected Draft Round:

The talent is absolutely there in McGary. It’s unfortunate that he comes with a little baggage that will scare some teams away. He’s not polished enough to start right away, but he may be after a few years of solid coaching. In short, it depends if teams are willing to work with McGary to surrender a fourth or fifth round pick.

In regards to the Rams, they could certainly use the depth. Having Noteboom start with the potential of taking over Austin Blythe’s spot someday could be an idea. Personally, I wouldn’t mind taking a chance with him in the fifth round.


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