2019 NFL Draft Profile: Michigan LB Devin Bush Jr.

Devin Bush is a speedy, undersized linebacker who can create pressure up the middle of the pocket or from the edge. With Dante Fowler Jr. returning, the Rams could look to add another edge rusher like Bush during the 2019 NFL Draft. Also of note, Devin Bush Sr. (Bush’s father) was on the Rams’ Super Bowl XXXIV team. Will history repeat itself and the Rams draft Bush Jr.?

College stats and honors: 

2018: 66 tackles, 4.5 sacks and 4 pass deflections.

Career: 172 tackles, 10 sacks and 11 pass deflections.

Honors: Big 10 Defensive Player of the Year, Big 10 Linebacker of the Year.


To begin with, Bush is fast! He clocked in at 4.43 for his 40-yard dash during the 2019 NFL combine this past Sunday. Bush is at his best when rushing the passer. At Michigan, he showed plenty of quickness up the middle and off the edge on blitzing plays. He also has a strong first punch when he makes his first contact with an offensive linemen. His speed also helps on his ability to cover speedy running backs in zone and man-to-man. Bush also possesses a high football IQ. As the game goes on, his play recognition gets better and better. This year’s Michigan and Penn State game shows exactly that. Bush makes snap decisions and is hardly ever wrong when tending to his responsibilities.


Bush is a little undersized at 5’11” and struggles to shed run blockers. There were times where the bigger and stronger offensive linemen had no issue bottling Bush up. Usually, this was on plays where the linemen got a few yards down field to run block. In his sophomore year at Michigan, Bush had a higher tendency of biting on play action, especially when a guard was pulling across the center. At times, Bush took himself out of plays with his speed by over pursuing the ball carrier. Speed can be an asset, but it can backfire if misused. 

Expected draft round:

Bush is a first-round talent and a number of teams would welcome before the Rams have a chance at 31st overall. There’s no chance the Rams move up just to take him, but if Bush miraculously falls to No. 31, he is most likely to be the best player available. Don’t hold your breath.


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