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2018 NFL Draft: Los Angeles Rams fill more depth needs in sixth and seventh rounds

The Los Angeles Rams built more roster depth during the final two rounds of the 2018 NFL Draft on Saturday, April 28. They filled gaps at linebacker, defensive tackle, and running back during the afternoon.

Here is a quick rundown of their last picks of the draft:

Round 6, Pick 176 – John Kelly, RB, Tennessee

The Rams selected Kelly to serve as a change-of-pace backup for Pro Bowl running back Todd Gurley. Kelly is a banger, who relies on power and toughness to get the yardage he needs. He also possess solid hands and will help in the passing game. Unfortunately, Kelly doesn’t have high-end speed, which led to his drop into the sixth round.

Round 6, Pick 192 – Jamil Demby, G, Maine

Nearly the entire Rams’ starting offensive line is up for either free agency or retirement after the 2018 season. Demby could be someone the Rams develop into a starting guard in the future. Physically, Demby is an animal and showed it at the Senior Bowl. He has an NFL build, and he’s also very intelligent. That’s the right combination for offensive line coach Aaron Kromer to work with.

Round 6, Pick 195 – Sebastian Joseph, DL, Rutgers

The Rams needed run stoppers entering this offseason, and they found another on in Joseph. The former Rutgers star could earn himself a home on the final roster if he takes to the system quickly. Joseph will need to develop more of a pass rush if he is going to be successful long term in the NFL.

Round 6, Pick 205 – Trevon Young, DE, Louisville

The Rams may have found themselves a hidden diamond in Young. He suffered a debilitating hip injury during Louisville’s 2015 bowl game and then missed a full season. Young returned in 2017, and slowly returned to form throughout the year. If Young fully recovers from the hip injury, he could develop into a key contributor on the edge for the Rams.

Round 7, Pick 231 – Travin Howard, LB, TCU

The jury is out on what to expect out of Howard. As a linebacker, he’s undersized, but he does have range. He timed at a 4.56 on the 40-yard dash, which combined with his size could mean a look at safety as well.

Round 7, Pick 244- Justin Lawler, DE, SMU

Lawler projected as a late seventh round pick or undrafted free agent, and that’s precisely where the Rams got him. Lawler is a hard-worker, who does whatever it takes to be successful on the field. The problem is that his hard work might not outweigh is lack of overall athleticism.

Source: NFL.com, ESPN.com

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